CoinCola Announces 100% Commission rewards to Celebrate its Upgrade

CoinCola is excited to celebrate its full upgrade and to do so, it is giving away $100,000 in Bitcoin ( BTC) to share with its new and old users.

Enter CoinCola $100,000 First-Time-User Giveaway to win over $100 BTC Bonus, everyone!

The Giveaways for new and old users

The grand bonus includes trading rewards that everyone can win by creating an account, up to $100 in Bitcoin coupons. Plus, you will gain access to earn a referral bonus. The referral rewards are 100% commission of every trade in the first month, and 40% commission of every trade in the long term. The referral bonus is permanent, which means you can earn money on CoinCola forever.

Altogether, the total bonus value is up to $100 for every new user.

The more transaction you make, the more bonus you will win! There are 5 Coupons for every new user. Users who make one trade on CoinCola will earn the first coupon with $3 in Bitcoin. Plus, after making three trades, you can win the second coupon with $10 in Bitcoin…When the total amount trading volume is up to 0.3 BTC, you will get $65 BTC.

While you have already become a CoinCola user, you can continue to win more bonuses. CoinCola has launched its Affiliate Marketing Partner.”

Old users can win 40%-100% commission by referring the new users to CoinCola. So that, you can get a commission from every transaction that you referred friends or family make, In other words, CoinCola can be the platform for you to make money forever.

Now CoinCola is sponsoring a $100, 000 Bitcoin prize pool, which means there are roughly 1000 users to share this prize pool. Don’t miss this amazing campaign.

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The Upgrade of CoinCola

CoinCola is launching its full upgrade App and Website. The main upgrade focus on the referral reward. Once you refer friends or family to CoinCola, you can get a commission reward not only on their OTC (Peer-to-Peer) trade but also on the spot and margin trade. In this way, you can win big rewards. Plus, the commission reward has improved from 20% to 40%-100%. After this upgrade, you can make more money with CoinCola.

You can check your commission reward at any time in your CoinCola account. It is sent to your wallet instantly after the transaction is completed.

Except this, CoinCola also escalates its OTC(Peer-to-Peer) and Exchange marketplace. People all over the globe can buy crypto such as Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin with their fiat currency and withdraw it early. Moreover, they can also sell gift cards for bitcoin, then sell bitcoin for fiat currency.

How to Access CoinCola (Through Web & App)

Everybody can access CoinCola’s platform from anywhere and on any device, whether a mobile phone ( Android or iPhone) or a P.C (Laptop or Desktop).

CoinCola also has a well-functioning App that is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. This means you can download the “CoinCola App” through these.

Individuals willing to use a P.C thus, either a laptop or desktop can visit CoinCola’s official website and start trading right away.

CoinCola Official Website:

Go to [App Store] or [Google Play], search for “CoinCola” and download it.

Or you can download CoinCola App through this link:

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